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NOUN:  proof, confirmation, verification, affirmation

VERB:  indicate, show, reveal, display, exhibit

Whether you’re looking for proof, or simply want to show the world your gorgeous style, EVIDENCE HAIR should be the first and last place for you to shop.

Ronitia Greer, founder and owner of Evidence Hair™, knew when she was only a little girl that hair would play an important role in her life.  After completing formal education in General Business and working in Corporate America, she settled into her niche in 2014 when she began to establish herself in the cosmetology industry.  Ronitia’s goal is to give her clients and customers a more seamless and convenient way to complete their styles, using fewer steps in the process.  Armed with extensive knowledge, honed skills, and expansive research on hair products, Ronitia’s physical investigation, analysis, and testing led her to an elite line of products you will discover at Evidence Hair™.

Here you will find quality EVIDENCE in convenient hair products.  You may be confident that your investment in properly installed Evidence Extensions will last up to 3 years!  Our quality gives our clients the EVIDENCE you need to make a well-informed decision about your hair care needs.  

Ronitia is the proud mother of 2 wonderful children, Xayden and Riah.  Coincidentally, a glance at her daughter’s name in the mirror revealed something interesting:  


Perhaps this is just more confirmation of the passion Ronitia has for making sure her clients always GET THE EVIDENCE.


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